iLexExchange invites Affiliates to join us in our expansion to the global market. So far,iLexExchange’s financial Affiliates are in more than 100 countries around the world. As a Affiliates ofiLexExchange, you will have access to strategic resources of the cryptocurrency market and earncommission through cooperation.

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Sample Computation of Introduction Commission:

One user

Scenario: If you introduce a trader and trades 1 BTC.

Trade/Exchange Fee: 0.25%
1 BTC x 0.25% = 0.0025 BTC (transaction fee)

1Tier Reward: 0.0025 x 15% = 0.000375 BTC (approximately 3.75 USD/transaction)

2Tier Reward: 0.0025 x 5% =0.000125 BTC (approximately 1.25 USD/transaction)

※ Calculated by 1 bitcoin = $ 10,000

Sample commission introduction computation of margin trading

One user

If one user trades 5 BTC, two (2) tiers can be computed as follows:

1Tier Reward: 5 BTC x 1 pips = 5 USD

2Tier Reward: 5 BTC x 0.25 pips = 1.25 USD

Affiliate Commission Payout terms and method:

The client would need to have an active imove Account which will be used for the payout of the reward from the Affiliate activities.
The payout amount can be released if the collected commission is over 30USD. Processing of the payout request will be done within 5 business days in USD Currency via your imove Account.
(Please take note that processing time might be affected during weekends and holidays)

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