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Choose from the Variety of Fiat and Cryptocurrency

iLexExchange supports most transactions using mainstream fiat money. Use your local money anytime for trading or convert it to U.S. Dollar!

Buy Cryptocurrencies Using Your Credit Card

Use your credit card to buy any supported currencies!
iLexExchange is just like your local bank or e-wallet that enables you to deposit funds!

iLexExchange is Reliable with Multi-Payment Functions

Deposit to your iLexExchange account using any of your credit cards.
Trade cryptocurrencies now—it also allows you to deposit and withdraw through local banks or e-wallets!
iLexExchange continues to develop breakthrough payment channels to meet the demand of our growing customer base.

iLexExchange uses its unique technology to integrate convenience and security into its cryptocurrency trading platform to give our users an innovative trading experience.

ICO solution

iLexExchange has ICO solutions to help enterprises list their own cryptocurrencies and collect funds instantly. iLexExchange enables you to make cryptocurrency trading worldwide with unlimited currency for your investment.

Margin Trading Service

You can make a transaction with the cheapest industry level spread and fair rate. Hedging transactions can be also possible.

Our team of experts are glad to answer your questions.


Our team of experts are glad to answer your questions.

Supports various trading order types

It supports various trading order types like Market, Limit, and Stop orders.

Robust Servers

It has robust servers that can process almost 1 million transactions per second. It also has a sleek design and advanced risk controls.

We highly value security like you always do

Top-up your iLexExchange Card with cryptocurrency

iLexExchange Card is a powerful tool for making cryptocurrency transactions worldwide. It makes it easy to access cryptocurrency deposits. The card enables cryptocurrency exchange to USD or EUR money in seconds, anytime, worldwide. What’s more, you can use this card for in-store payments and use it like a regular ATM and withdraw local money anywhere in the world.

iMove App is coming soon

The iMove is a new brand of cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to manage various fiat money and cryptocurrencies. Funds in iMove can be transferred to iLexExchange in real-time for a seamless trading experience.

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